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Math Class with Each Grade Today!

First we started out with the Grade 3’s, learning about wholes, parts, related facts and writing math sentences. For example: seeing 8+5=13, they would also know it can mean 13-8=5. Then, the Grade 2’s came to the carpet and got their workbooks out, learning very similar things to the Grade 3’s. It was an awesome …


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Handwriting Job: All about Janek

      Every day we have a handwriting job about the leader. Today, it was all about Janek and his ability to score points. This is the first of usually 2-3 jobs the students do in the mornings. This job specifically was also having students practice adding big numbers. I was very impressed as …


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Learning to Fish

All the students were super excited as we headed out for our ‘Learn to Fish’ field trip. The morning was filled with fun facts about fish, activities, including learning by hands on, to tie a fishing knot. After lunch the sun come out and we all headed out to stocked fishing ponds. Each of the …


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Word for the Week: Confidence

The word for this week is Confidence. The kids are working on being more confident in their work. I am also wanting to teach them to have confidence in God’s Word, so that when doubts come they will stand.  Here are some quotes and scriptures. I would like them to read this blog with you …


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Remembrance Day Ceremony!

Today I experienced my first remembrance day ceremony at BCA! It was a great experience. The kids recited “In Flanders Field”. They did an awesome job and I was so proud of them! 


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Picking a Specific Goal to Work On

   The kids today focused in on one goal that they have this year. They had to come up with at least three ways to meet that goal. It was great to see some of the different goals the kids made and how they plan to meet it! We talked about how that without a …


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Word Search Practice

       The kids have really been enjoying making their own “Word Searches” using their spelling words. After they make their own word search they switch with someone in the class to complete each others.  


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Science Experiment: Making Root Beer Floats

Today in science we did a root beer float experiment. The kids really enjoyed having the floats afterwards! 🙂  Ask them: What happens when you mix ice cream and root beer? What does it create? It was another great day to be in second and third grade!  



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