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Measuring Items around the Class & School!!

Today in Math Class we completed a worksheet of measuring different objects around the classroom. First, the students had to complete an estimation using meters and centimeters. After measuring tables, carpet squares, blackboards, and cabinets, etc, the partners were asked to come up with 5 items to measure and estimate on their own. The partners …


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Message Bowl

This morning for devotions we had trivia on the Message with the grades K-5. I was very impressed by how much each age group knew about Brother Branham’s life. Question types included, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true or false. Here are some of the questions that were answered correctly: -What was the …


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Snowflakes using Different Shapes

Today for art we made snowflakes, but we connected it with different shapes we will be learning about in math. The kids cut shapes to make circles, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, parnell-grams and random shapes as well! Lots of fun! Let it snow!!!


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Happy Birthday to Gwyneth and Boaz!!

It was an exciting day for two students in Grade 2/3 on January 15th. It was the first time two students had their birthday on the same day! Happy Birthday wishes to Gwyneth and Boaz. The kids got to enjoy balloons from Andrea and cookies from Rebekah! Both Gwyneth and Boaz got a prize and …


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Sharing our Words of the Year to the Class!

Today the students presented their words for the year! They showed their artwork they created and reasons why they chose the word. They read a quote and scripture that was chosen for them. Some of the words of the year are positive, polite, grateful, friendly, brave, respectful, caring, etc.    


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Hebrews 11: Hall of Faith–January 2018

    Hall Of Faith   In Devotions class, we have been studying Hebrews Chapter 11–the Faith Chapter of the bible.  In this chapter, Paul goes through some of the “faith giants” from the old testament and gives record of their faithfulness.     Together, we revisited some familiar bible characters like Enoch who “was …


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Christmas Holiday Writing Presentations

Monday, the students did a writing assignment on what they did on their Christmas holiday. Today they presented their assignment to the class. It sounds like everyone had a very fun break with family and friends. So many fun activities took place too, from going to the aquarium, and snowboarding, to sleepovers at grandmas, and …


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Word for the Year!

Today, students did their own bible study and message search on a word they picked for the year. Jessica and I have been doing this since we got married and I thought it would be a great activity for the students to do. All the kids picked a different word then we went into the …



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