Dress Like A Teacher Day!!

Today, every student in the class came dressed up as a teacher! Many dressed up as myself, some as Miss Leonard, one as Miss Roy, one as Miss Dingwall, one as a gym teacher! It was a great day! The Grade 2/3 class as GREAT SPIRIT!! Hopefully, we will win lots of points for Spirit Week!!! 

Caitlin dressed as Miss Leonard!

Marie-Victoria dressed as Miss Leonard!

Janek dressed as Mr.Andes!

Paul dressed as Mr.Andes!

Nathanael dresses as Mr.Andes!

Brielle dressed as Miss Dingwall!

William dressed as Mr.Andes!

Our very own Mini Miss Roy!

David dressed as Mr.Andes!

Boaz dressed up as a gym teacher!

Last but defiently not least, Gwyneth dressed as Mr. Andes and did a very good job of it!!


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