PAC Members

Parent Advisory Committee 2021-2022


The purpose of the PAC is to coordinate and organize school events that involve parent participation and provide support to the school board, principal and teachers. If you wish to contact the PAC, click here to send them an email.


The parents of BCA are vital to the success of our school. We enjoy low tuition rates due to their dedicated efforts as volunteers and fundraisers.
Some of the many activities in which parents are the primary source of support:


• Library assistance
• Lunch hour monitoring
• Class room assistance
• Year book publication
• Monthly hot lunch
• Fundraising
• Special project assistance
• Winter concert
• Teacher appreciation week activities


The BCA Parent Association also gratefully acknowledges the many people who are not parents but who generously volunteer their time in support of the school.


PAC President

The PAC President is the primary contact for planning, delegation and coordination of projects that involve parent participation.


PAC Member (Hot Lunch Coordinator)

Provide support to the PAC and helps organize monthly hot lunch at the school.


PAC Member (Treasure)

Provide support to the PAC president and help manage funds for school events.


PAC Member (Event Organizer)

Provide support to the PAC and help coordinate fundraising events.


PAC Member (Secretary)

Provide support to the PAC president and operate as a second resource for PAC involvement.


With integrity and excellence as our focus and goal, at BCA we strive to provide the best possible education for our students. From the humble beginnings of small homeschool group to a fully accredited school, we will continue to strive to provide the best environment we can for every student in our care.