Thinking Positive Things About Yourself

       Today in Health class, we talked about having a positive self-identity and not having too low of self-esteem. I gave the kids 10 minutes to come up with five things about themselves that they like or are good at. I was very impressed and happy to see many of the kids took a lot of thought. By doing this activity it makes the kids think of themselves in a positive way, which increases their personal self-esteem. Enjoy the videos of each of the kids sharing their thoughts!



IMG_2295 -Gwyneth 

IMG_2296 -Janek

IMG_2297 -Boaz

IMG_2298 -Marie-Victoria

IMG_2299 -Nathanael

IMG_2300 -William

IMG_2301 -David

IMG_2302 -Caitlin

IMG_2303 -Makayla

IMG_2304 -Sarah

IMG_2305 -Brielle

IMG_2308 -Paul


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