Miss Leonard's Class

Grades 4/5

Working Together–October 2017


Today, our class got the opportunity to mentor the grade K/1 class. 
We started the day with devotions together.


Daniel being led to the lion’s den…



We divided into groups and had 12 minutes to come up with a bible story skit to present to the group.  There were lots of impromptu props used and lots of laughter amongst the group.  We had Lazarus raised from the dead…a student as a very convincing golden calf…and an Adidas jacket subbing in for the coat of many colors.  What good times!




In the afternoon, we got together again for a story–The Rainbow Fish. The Rainbow Fish book is about a beautiful fish in the ocean who is very unhappy.  He learns that he is happier when he shares and becomes a good friend.  We talked about friendship and what makes a good friend.  Then with the help of the older class, the K/1s were able to make a poster that told how they make their friends feel special.  Each fish got some beautiful “shiny” scales which made the pictures extra special.  Here you can see some of the kids working with their partners. 






Everyone got along so well and enjoyed the other class’s company.  I love that at BCA we have such comradere amongst the students of all ages and everyone is willing to help the other be successful.  Students show kindness to those younger than them and love to be with ones older than themselves.  


Today was a great opportunity to bond and to let the older students be great positive mentors.  Good job all around!



–Miss Leonard


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