Canadian Coins History

Today during Social Studies the Grade 2/3 class learned all about the Canadian coins and what the animals on each one represents. Ask  your children the following questions.

1. What the symbols/animals are on each coin?

 2. What each animal/symbol represents.

3. How much is each coin worth.

Five cent – Nickel – Beaver – Hard work

Ten Cents – Dime – Bluenose – Sailboat that won races for Canada

Twenty five Cents – Quarter – Caribou – popular Canadian  animal found across Canadian

Fifty Cents – Half dollar – Coat of Arms – Many symbols from Canadian history

One Dollar – Loonie – Loon – Loons are found on many Lakes across Canada and have a famous sound.

Two Dollars – Toonie – Polar Bear – Reminds us how cold it is in Canada.



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