Our goal at Bibleway Christian Academy is to provide quality education in a Godly atmosphere. The classes and programs we offer are founded and centered on Biblical and Message principles geared at equipping our students mentally, physically, and spiritually for their journey through life. From kindergarten all the way through high school, BCA is committed to promoting the best opportunities for our students’ academic and character development.

Did you know that Bibleway Christian Academy has been providing exemplary Christian education for 25 years? We are excited to announce that in 2019, we are celebrating our seventh graduating class!

Kindergarten & Grade One

Currently, BCA is offering full time kindergarten. Core subjects include Literacy, Mathematics, Numeracy, Physical Education, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science & Health & Careers. In addition to core subjects, students are taught Music, Art, and Computers. A kindergarten graduation is held at the end of every year, which is certainly one of BCA’s “cutest” events!

Grade one students also enjoy Music, Art, Library, and Devotions as well as Typing classes. Throughout the year, field trips to fun locations such as FlipCity, the zoo, and the pumpkin patch add to their educational experience at BCA. In addition, students are able to do things such as incubate and hatch chicken eggs, learn about the habits of ants with their own classroom ant farm, and watch the miracle of metamorphosis as they track the transformations happening on their own “butterfly tree”.

Formal Homework for kindergarten and grade one is generally discouraged, although parents or students may ask for extra work.

Grades Two, Three & Four

Grade two and three students enjoy classes in Music, Art, Library and Typing in addition to their core subject classes. Core subject classes include: Journal/Language Arts, Mathematics, Spelling, Reading, Science, Vocabulary, Physical Education, Handwriting, and Health & Careers. Students are educated on the benefits of recycling and how to help protect the environment and become responsible citizens. Part of this educational experience is accomplished by having the students raise batches of salmon in class and releasing them into the wild at the end of the school year.
Each year, the students learn the story of The Pilgrim’s Progress and enact some dramatization of the story for the school, whether it be a puppet show or play, they are sure to entertain and delight with their performance!
Formal Homework for grades two and three is generally discouraged, although parents or students may ask for extra work.

Grades Five & Six

Students in these grades start to see a shift their responsibilities and opportunities. Students are now old enough to compete in the school’s spelling bee and geography challenge.

They sing specials in school assemblies and slowly start to blossom as they begin to realize their own unique potential as individuals. Student’s subjects include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Health & Careers, Art, Music, Library, Typing and Bible Studies.

Homework amounts average 20 minutes a night.

Grade six students are given opportunities for even more responsibility and growth. Whether it is assisting in lunch time supervision, or “buddy reading” with younger students, grade six and seven students are encouraged to reach their full potential and give back to the community around them.
Subjects for grades six and seven include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health & Careers, Music, Library, Typing, Art, and Bible Studies. Homework amounts average 30 – 45 minutes a night.


With integrity and excellence as our focus and goal, at BCA we strive to provide the best possible education for our students. From the humble beginnings of small homeschool group to a fully accredited school, we will continue to strive to provide the best environment we can for every student in our care.