Miss Leonard's Class

Grades 4/5

Genius Hour–October 2017


Everyone has a little bit of Genius inside!


This year in our classroom we are trying to discover that brilliance with a new addition to the class–Genius Hour. Genius hour is…



“Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions
and encourages creativity in the classroom.
It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.”



Each week for 60 minutes, the grade 4/5 students are given time to explore a topic of their choice.  Each student submitted several project proposals at the beginning of the year, which we went through together and chose the project to start this exciting adventure.  From there each student had to submit a plan–what they intended to do each week for the next 8 weeks, supplies they needed, help they may require, etc.  The ideas, projects, and goals that came in were so varied and interesting!  We have so many exciting topics ranging from



Composing Music to 

Studying the life of Queen Victoria to  

Exploring First Nations’ Art. 





 If you come into our classroom at 2 o’clock on Monday afternoon, you may find one student sewing…one student knitting…one student testing out a balloon car…and one student messy with paper mache! BUT all are having fun and all are learning.  If you stop and talk to them, they can tell you some amazing facts like the scientific names of plants from the “dinosaur era” to the age of Queen Victoria when she took the throne.  I’m already amazed at how much these students have accomplished on their own and how interested they are in their respective topics.


Stay tuned for project up-dates and presentations throughout the year, and if Genius Hour interests you check out the educational benefits and history online.







Explore your inner GENIUS!
Miss Leonard


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