Making Snow Globes!

       Today, for art Mrs. Andes taught the students how to make their very own snow-globes. They each were given a baby food jar to use as their globe, and a little winter charm to put into their globe. They chose a color of paint to paint the lid of the jar which would serve as the base of the globe. Then each decided on a color of glitter to use for the snow. After the glue dried connecting their charm to the lid, they put glitter into the jar, and then added water. When the paint on their lid was dry, they put it all together by screwing the lid onto the jar. Thus creating their own snow-globe. It was a fairly simple project, but there were so many steps to do and a bit of waiting for things to dry. All in all, the students enjoyed it and are excited to be able to bring their little wintery scenes home in a couple days!


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