Math Test Today!!

          Last week we finished another math unit. Today, the kids did a math test. Each grade had their own test and were given 45 minutes to complete. You will also see that the privacy boards we got are being used a lot! Here are just a couple questions from the tests.


  1. Draw the following numbers using base ten blocks. 


455                                               222                                                     109


        2. 150, 153, ___, ___, 162

            175, 150, 125, ___, ____.

            ___, 10, 15, ___, 25.

           600, 500, ___, 300, ___, 100.


3. Write the following numbers in expanded form. (3)



1, 205=




The leader thinking about her answer!

Working diligently and trying his best!

Staying Focused. Good Job girls!


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