Message Bowl

This morning for devotions we had trivia on the Message with the grades K-5. I was very impressed by how much each age group knew about Brother Branham’s life. Question types included, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true or false.

Here are some of the questions that were answered correctly:

-What was the name of Bro Branham’s dog? Fritz (answered correctly by a 1st grader)

-What year was Bro Branham born? 1909 (answered correctly by a 2nd grader)

-People say our bodies are worth $0.84. How much did Bro Branham say a soul is worth? 10,000 worlds (answered correctly by a 5th grader)

-What was it that caused the Killer Bull to stop in his tracks? Perfect Love (answered correctly by a 2nd grader)

-What is the 11th commandment? Love one another (answered correctly by a 4th grader)

-What was Bro Branham’s horse’s name that he said will be in heaven? Prince (answered correctly by a 1st grader) 

-What chapter and verse in Malachi is talking about Bro Branham? Malachi 4:5-6 (answered correctly by a 5th grader)

They all did so good and agreed that they enjoyed answering questions about the Message!

Here are some video and pictures:




Team Lions excited that they answered correctly

Waiting in anticipation!


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