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Science World Field Trip–January 2018

  Thanks to Mr. Andes winning a free field to trip to Science World, we got to tag along for a some great fun.              The grades 2-5 headed off for a day of fun, exploration, and science a few weeks ago.  We were able to take in all the …


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Hebrews 11: Hall of Faith–January 2018

    Hall Of Faith   In Devotions class, we have been studying Hebrews Chapter 11–the Faith Chapter of the bible.  In this chapter, Paul goes through some of the “faith giants” from the old testament and gives record of their faithfulness.     Together, we revisited some familiar bible characters like Enoch who “was …


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Working Together–October 2017

  Today, our class got the opportunity to mentor the grade K/1 class.  We started the day with devotions together.   Daniel being led to the lion’s den…     We divided into groups and had 12 minutes to come up with a bible story skit to present to the group.  There were lots of …


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Genius Hour–October 2017

                     Everyone has a little bit of Genius inside!   This year in our classroom we are trying to discover that brilliance with a new addition to the class–Genius Hour. Genius hour is…     “Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity …


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First Day of School–September 2017

        Welcome back to a new school year!!   I am so excited to be back at BCA and facing such an exciting and fresh year—all new students and new grades with new and interesting curriculum to uncover.  It looks like it will be a great year.  BCA is such a special …


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Christmas Time

Its A Party! Secret Buddies....and Christmas Parties.  December is always a busy and exciting time.  This year we started our Secret Buddy activities a week before our party.  Each student did their best to make sure their buddy felt special.  On the day of the party each student brought a "big" gift and revealed their ...


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Britannia Mine Museum

Our second field trip of the year was to go to Britannia Mine Museum on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.  After studying several types of mining in class, we were super prepared and ready for this trip.  The students once again did a great job representing our school and made myself and the other parent volunteers very ...


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First Day of School

One of the first things we did at school this year was take pictures of the students.  It is so cool to take pictures of the students when the get here....and then again at the end of the year.  They grow and change so much, and we don't see it because we are together every ...



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