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Learning about Hygiene in Health

Today, since there are a lot of colds going around, I taught the students about the spreading of germs and how to prevent them from spreading. They did a worksheet in groups about the 2 different types of germs, bacteria and viruses. They learned that there are good and bad bacteria, and that viruses live …


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Using Arts to Teach Science- Water Cycle

Today in Art we incorporated what we are learning in Science…All about the Water Cycle. Also using measuring strips for cutting. Math, science and art altogether.


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Taking Math Outdoors

The sunshine tempted us to work outside today, it almost looked like Spring time through the windows. So the students worked in pairs to estimate and measure widths and lengths and even the perimeter of the school. The fresh air and sunshine were beautiful but was still a little chilly. Brrr.      


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Improving at Daily Jobs

As always our days start with a number of daily jobs that give repetative practice in areas of handwriting, math problems and language skills. It has been a pleasure to see the vast improvement in all these areas but also the quiet independent work that is taking place as the students become more confident in …


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Measuring with Different Units and Perimeter

The Grade 2’s have been working on estimating and measuring with different units. Some have used paper clips, straws, sharpies etc. I have also had them using standard units of measurement such as cm and meters. Here are a few pictures. The Grade 3’s have also been measuring. Today, they started learning about perimeter and …


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Playing Lacrosse: Canadian Passed Time

The last couple of weeks the Grade 3-5 have been enjoying learning about lacrosse. Lacrosse is much like hockey and is a sport widely known in Canada. The kids have been learning how to throw, catch and cradle a lacrosse ball. It has been good to see everyone trying their best and working so hard …


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Word for the Week: Understanding

Bible Scripture: Proverbs 18:2 – A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself. Proverbs 17:27 – He that hath knowledge spareth his words: [and] a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit. Quotes by Brother Branham: Now, I want to speak to you this morning on—on parable, on some way …


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Science World Field Trip

On January, 22nd 2018 the Grade 2-5’s went on a field trip to Science World. The kids had lots of fun exploring and learning about tinkering with inventions, animals, and becoming an engineer. I was very proud of each of the kids and they were very respectful. We were also able to watch a science …



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