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Show and Tell

Gwyneth bought in some of her Loll doll collection for show and tell and the kids found them highly entertaining.  


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New Novel Study- Charlie Choices

Today we introduced Charlies Choice. An old old novel written for children that they all seemed to engage in right away. A quick quiz showed most had listened and comprehended well.


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Painting Butterflies

In art we observed numerous butterflies. Their amazing colors, sizes, how symmetrical they are, their incredible migrations and much more, adding to our growing knowledge of these amazing creatures. Each of the children then used basic templates to trace with oil pastels for their wings, choosing the material of their choice for the body, then painting each …


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Word for the Week: Encouraging

This week the word is Encouraging. Since, the beginning of the year, I have told the kids that we want to put others up, not down. I thought it would be fitting to have this word, to talk about the impact our words have on others. Everyone today can use some positivity and lifting up …


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Watching the Geography Challenge

The kids got to watch the geography challenge, as the Grade 4-5’s were in competition! Yah! Looks like they are all very focused and listening intently to the questions!


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Word of the Week: Diligent

The Word for this Week is Diligent. Trying to instill a hard working ethic in the kids and to try their best. We have been working all year to show improvement in all areas. I am wanting to seem more diligent work especially in writing and in learning new hard math concepts. Here are the …


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Math Game= Fun Learning

Today, both the Grade 2 and 3’s finished their work early in math. I decided we could have some fun with math, so we played a game that asked them math questions. The blue team one and everyone had a great time in Math today!   


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Social Studies- Provinces, Territories and Capitals

We have been learning Canadian Geography in Social Studies. Encourage your child to name off the Provinces and territories along with each of their capitals.



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